The American stock market has played the fall

Investors working on the redemption strategy strategy, simply do not give “bears” to gain speed. New liquidity portion Powerfully pushed American indexes up. The main benchmarks of the United States interrupted a three-day fall. In this case, concerns are saved, and they are backed by facts. The gains of the global monetary tightening cycle is not yet perceived by the market participants seriously. However, it is precisely this factor will lead to deterioration of credit conditions and to the growth of debt burden companies, which will affect At the forecast value of papers.

The situation with coronavirus also adds uncertainty, because investors from all over the world fear the influence of the new version of the virus strain on the restoration of the global economy. It is very strange that investors do not follow the rule: “buy on rumors, sell on facts.” US indices rose by 1.5 – 2.4%.

Index values:

NASDAQ Composite: 15341 p. (+ 2.40%) S & P 500: 4649 p. (+ 1.78%) Dow Jones: 35492 p. (+ 1.60%)

at the CFD Premark The SPX500 index is stable. The role of support protrudes 4530 p. However, the current conditions still say that “bears” can lower the market even lower. Correction can occur until

Economic events

US President Joe Biden again called on Americans to vaccinate against COVID-19 and cannot be a panic due to the emergence of new coronavirus strains. He stated that the government would buy more than 500 million home tests for the presence of coronavirus.

The current account deficit of the US balance of payments in the third quarter of 2021 increased $ 16.5 billion and amounted to $ 214.8 billion. This is the maximum indicator from the third quarter of 2006.

Nike Inc. shares It took off 6.2% after an excellent financial statement for the second quarter of 2022, despite the sharp decline in sales in China. The quotes of the sporting goods producer became a growth leader among the components of Dow Jones, which allowed the index to make such a strong rise up.

Meanwhile, Micron Technology has increased its net profit on the results of the first financial quarter, which ended on December 2, Almost three times and revenue – by 33.3%. The cost of the manufacturer of memory chips soared by 10.5% is the best rise in more than a year.


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