Precious Metals Trading with NPBFX

Gold and silver have long been money in the literal sense of the word, and even now, according to many experts, they retain the historical status of “real money,” especially for gold.

According to many professional investors, it is gold that has an almost ideal combination of the main investment characteristics: volatility, liquidity and predictability. So, the volatility of the XAUUSD tool makes it possible to earn both in the short-term intraday period both trading and in the long term. Gold liquidity is almost the benchmark: the level of demand and supply in the world is always extremely high.

Silver is in second place in terms of trading volumes among precious metals on the FOREX market. Silver may be of particular interest to aggressive investors, often silver prices fluctuate seriously due to the global political and economic situation.

Working with gold and silver, you get the opportunity not only to save capital, but also to multiply it.

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