PAMM service – a unique development of Alpari

PAMM service is a unique development of Alpari, which has gained worldwide popularity. Unites investors and traders on terms of mutually beneficial cooperation.

PAMM account is an original service with which investors can earn without trading. Investors invest in the accounts of traders who receive profit rewards for managing these investments.

PAMM portfolio

PAMM portfolio – these are several PAMM accounts combined into one entity. This type of investment allows diversifying the investor’s risks due to the ability to select PAMM accounts with the optimal ratio of potential risks.


Yield. The Forex market is unlimited. By investing in PAMM accounts and PAMM portfolios, you can earn a high income on Forex without the skills of trading. Transparency. The work of the service was checked by an international audit company. You can monitor the results of the manager’s work in the Personal Control Office. You can in any The moment make a profit and remove all funds in your account. To reduce risks, invest in several PAMM accounts or a ready-made portfolio.

How to Invest

Select the PAMM-RAM in the ranking to register your personal account and replenish your personal account in a way to invest in a convenient way for you and monitor the investment accounts in your account


potential. Earn more by managing investors in PAMM accounts for additional reward. You can also create a PAMM portfolio to attract even more investments. Objectivity. The best advertising is the high position of your PAMM account in an independent rating, the correctness of the work of which was checked by the international audit company. Security. All settlements with the investor are carried out automatically. All your transactions are securely protected from copying.

How to become a manager

Register your Personal account if you do not already have it Open a PAMM account, specify the capital of the manager and transfer Appropriate amount from your personal account Set the terms of the offer under which you will accept investments in your PAMM account and start trading

Attract partners

If you need help in promoting your PAMM account, invite a partner – advertising specialist, analyst, manager, etc. Any Alpari client can become a partner, the size and conditions of the reward will depend on the chosen partner program.

Solicitation Partner – Solicitation Partner Receives Percentage of the profit received by the manager from each client he has attracted. The equity partner receives a fixed percentage of the profit of the manager, the terms of cooperation are negotiated individually.

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