Platinum can be even cheaper

Platinum prices fall for the second day in a row. The cost of platinum decreases to $994.10 and can easily return to a fall towards the August “bottom” by $954.00. Platinum, like palladium, is used, among other things, as part of car catalysts. This year, when the automotive industry is experiencing an acute shortage of semiconductors and reducing machine production, the need for both metals can be purely symbolic.

For example, Toyota Motor in September may suspend production at 14 plants and reducing machine output by 40% is a lot of stress for the industry. This is done so as not to create a queue from orders and not be idle in assemblies due to interruptions in the supply of semiconductors. However, for metals, this means a decline in demand. In turn, it can lead to a reduction in the price of both palladium and platinum.

The earliest time when the auto industry will be able to return to its normal volumes of work is the second quarter of 2022, and will finally level no earlier than the second half of 2022. Then a good one will manifest itself demand for metals, which stabilizes their price.

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