Markets look negative at investor pessimism

U.S. indices fell again a day earlier due to rude talk of measures to support the economy. Previously, Congress allocated more than $3 trillion to maintain the country’s GDP, including loans and direct support to taxpayers, but additional support has not yet been established.

Asian stock markets on Tuesday are going down in the wake of the US market. Investors in the region also turned their attention to the news from China, where the People’s Bank of China once again left the main lending rate for first-class borrowers unchanged at 3.85%. European markets are also looking negatively at the risk of further coronation and Brexit, as well as the strengthening of the euro and sterling against the dollar. In the context of statistics on new cases of infections, the tightening of quarantine measures continues in many European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. In addition, the British government has previously advised the country’s companies to quickly prepare for the fact that the UK will not have a free trade agreement with the European Union on 1 January 2021.

More expensive euros and sterling against the dollar also disappointed market participants somewhat, as the stronger domestic currency decreases relative incomes of exporting companies.

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