TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker: What You Need to Know

TradeAllCrypto is a leading cryptocurrency broker with a goal of becoming a reliable and current broker available to all kinds of traders. It offers advanced tools and quality services that fit with the needs of traders. TradeAllCrypto provides the chance to trade comfortably and profitably. 

TradeAllCrypto was founded by Market Solutions Ltd and has been offering cryptocurrency trading services since 2015. It has over 150,000 clients worldwide and has made more than 170,000,000 successful trades. This broker aims to expand further in the near future and cater to both beginning and professional traders.

TradeAllCrypto is registered and licensed to operate in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In its five years of cryptocurrency trading, it has focused its services in the European markets. It only recently expanded into the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2018.

Signing up for the services of TradeAllCrypto is fairly easy. The security standards implemented by this broker are also high-grade, ensuring all clients that their information and funds are secure. A security question is also added so a client can retrieve his account if it gets compromised.

TradeAllCrypto Review of Services

The official website of TradeAllCrypto provides a summary of the services clients can enjoy once they sign up with this broker. It includes a wide variety of account types, world-class trading platforms, and beneficial research tools and educational materials. This TradeAllCrypto review will provide a definite guideline into the advantages of trading with this broker. 

Trading Platforms

TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker has two platforms to offer: MetaTrader4 and XCritical. While each has its own specifications, both are equally beneficial to cryptocurrency traders. The MT4 Web Terminal is this broker’s most accessible platform, being available in both Windows and iOS. MT4 is a classic in the financial markets and has been trusted by traders worldwide for over a decade. This platform has a user-friendly interface and an intuitive design that expands into hundreds of tools and indicators for the trader to fully utilize. It also includes automated experts and trading signals. 

On the other hand, the XCritical platform has an intelligent design and detail-oriented interface. It makes a point to emphasize what it has to offer: advanced features and tools that are on the same level of functionality as the MT4. With this platform, clients can execute various orders, use research tools like the Economic Calendar, employ take profit and stop loss options in trading, benefit from fast execution, and use the full display of quotes for each asset. All these features are fully accessible once a client signs up with XCritical. Trading with this platform is also customizable however the trader wants it to be. 

Research Tools and Educational Materials

TradeAllCrypto crypto broker offers a wide range of research and educational tools, including an Economic Calendar, Daily market news, market reviews, a spread table, and a display of global trading hours.

An Economic Calendar is helpful for traders to keep track of the minute-by-minute market updates and price movements. This tool describes the significant events in all the world’s financial markets, highlighting their influence on the foreign exchange markets. It is displayed in graphs and real-time forecasts.

The Daily Financial News segment of TradeAllCrypto’s official website is a day-today report of the most important market updates. It reports financial, economic, business, and political world events that have significant impact on the markets. News vary from forex rates for the day to interest rates implemented by the world’s biggest central banks. 

Market reviews and strategies are basically recaps of weekly market movement. Experts write about the potential use of a particular strategy in a given market condition so traders can learn or copy its implementation. This feature is incredibly important for beginning traders, and it is noteworthy that TradeAllCrypto offers this. 

On the spread table, traders can find the variable spreads, commissions, and leverage for each asset that they will trade. With this, they can correctly plot their positions before executing them. Meanwhile, the trading hours serve as a guide to when market zones open. It also takes note of which stocks close at specific trading hours. 

TradeAllCrypto Customer Reviews

There are only a number of TradeAllCrypto customer reviews online, but many clients have noted TradeAllCrypto’s good services. Several reviews focused on this broker’s good features, especially its trading platforms, bonus programs, and various promotions. 

Focusing on TradeAllCrypto’s platforms, it’s obvious that it features high-quality tools and handy market analyses. Another advantage of using its platforms is the opportunity to trade multiple assets at the same time in any financial market. Clients are also eligible to use over 50 trading tools, 1000 resources, over 10 accurate signals, actual real-time market quotes, and high load without sliding. TradeAllCrypto’s platforms have high functionality, placing it in the client’s favorite features among all services. 

TradeAllCrypto Fraud Allegations

Global brokerage firms receive negative feedback all the time, almost making it a norm in the trading industry. TradeAllCrypto is not an exception to this. It has been at the receiving end of various backlash and fraud allegations in recent years, mostly directed at high fees and client losses. While legitimate complaints about brokers must be addressed, some allegations are the result of tight competition between brokers. 

Many of the negative reviews and TradeAllCrypto fraud allegations stem from lack of risk management on the side of the trader and the possible lack of market knowledge and skills. Many traders sign up to trade without realizing the exact risks they are putting their money and themselves into. Most of the negative feedback against brokers across online platforms are the result of careless trading that resulted in losses, then are blamed on brokerage companies. This is why proper research about the markets is necessary before a potential trader begins his career. 

With that being said, TradeAllCrypto has a good reputation among its clients. It has been praised several times for its platforms’ great usability and functionality. On top of that, it has also been commended for advanced tools and features. Overall, TradeAllCrypto is definitely a broker worth trading with.

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