Yuan: Alternative currency for accumulation

since the beginning of the year, Chinese yuan has increased significantly in price. This made him a good alternative to invest. We explain why it is worth investing in Chinese currency and how it is promising.

Stable growth

April 11, a currency pair of Chinese Yuan-Russian ruble in Tom mode set a new record of trade turnover-25.2 billion rubles. This is the highest value since 2013, when the steam has become available in the currency market of the Moscow Exchange. At the same time, the turnover is already growing 6 sessions in a row. In TOD mode is observed A similar situation – the revolution of the turnover was updated three times, on April 8, it amounted to 4.4 billion rubles.

is worth noting two things. Firstly, the cost of the yuan directly depends on the commodity turnover with other countries. Secondly, the Chinese currency in recent weeks has become a good alternative to investing.

Given the current situation in the world market, it can be assumed that the economic relations between Russia and China will grow stronger, which will positively affect the volume of imports and exports. TASS with reference The main customs message of the PRC reports that in three months of 2022, the turnover with the Russian Federation grew by 28.7%, reaching $ 38.17 billion.

Why store the investor’s gold rule in the yuan: not to store eggs in one basket. Do not place your capital in the same currency, especially in current realities, when the market situation changes lightning speed: the dollar and euros are too variable even on short intervals.

Chinese yuan in this case can be a good tool for diversification of savings, As well as a good solution to compensate for the volatility of deposits in other currencies.

Yuan shortcomings:

The Chinese economy is highly dependent on the import and export of raw materials. In addition, the Yuan course is subject to a long reduction in other currencies, including because of the measures that the PRC authorities take to increase the competitiveness of their corporations in the world market. A long confrontation of China and the USA creates geopolitical risks for the yuan.

Valules of the yuan:

Most likely, liquidity Chinese currency will continue to increase. In the world market, China is one of the largest suppliers of various products. Huge turnover provides the reliability of the national currency. The current geopolitical situation suggests that in the near future the trade relations between Russia and China will strengthen, a large number of transactions will be carried out in the yuan. This will attract large exporters and importers to the currency.

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