Rox trading platform® platform

Access to all securities on all U.S. exchanges and options exchanges – direct access to the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDA (Nasdaq), CBOE (Chicago Options Exchange) and others, as well as access to leading exchanges in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Full ROX® premium, including options – only here!The platform was developed by American traders and adapted to work in the U.S. market.7000 Securities Direct Access to All Securities on All U.S. Stock and Options Exchanges: NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAY, CBOE (Chicago Options Exchange) and others.Low commission – from 0.0019 USD per share Simple and clear tariffs: the amount of commission does not change when the client’s trading activity decreases. Leverage trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX in the over-the-counter market.Full liquidity of US

exchanges for large clients who do not want to overpay when buying shares, as well as for active investors seeking to implement their strategies. Russian-speaking support and free services will help to do this with comfort.

Become an active trader and save on every trade! Minimum amount to open an account – $3,000

If you exceed your trading volume on the NYSE, Nasdaq or AMEX of 10,000 shares per month, we reduce commissions for the purchase/sale of securities. And 10,000 shares are available to every trader! 

Full returns (discounts). Algorithmic stakes and built-in spread trading module. Offer us your fare! Individual approach and special commissions – from $1 per 1000 shares – for groups of traders.

Platform value depends on the volume of plug-in quotes: USD

per month (U.S. stock exchange quotes, Tier II, ECN, NYSE Openbook, Mexico, Tier I);$59 per month for professional market participants;an additional $1 per month (U.S. option exchange quotes);additional $34.50 per month (Canada/TSE, Tier II).

Other markets:

Canadian markets: 1.5 Canadian cents per share, CAD 2.75 per share.Transactions on the European and Latin American markets: 0.25% of the transaction amount, min.25 GBP/EUR/USD per transaction plus fees from third parties.Detailed information can be found on the consultants’ phone.

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