OPEC confidence returned oil to growth

on Monday, November 15, despite the morning drop, oil prices completed a trading day with a small increase: the price of Brent has grown slightly, only 0.02%, to $ 81.43 per barrel, and the price of WTI has grown a little more, 0, 13%, to $ 79.84 per barrel.

Energy Minister UAE Suchel Al-Mazrui at the Oil and Gas Forum in Abu Dhabi said that OPEC + decides collectively and is not going to increase production under pressure from some importers (although at the same time he noted that the United States is considered to be the US ally and listen to the United Arab Emirates To their opinion). The ministerial ministers of Kuwait and Algeria Oil Ministers supported on the forum, and this confidence of countries included in OPEC + supported oil quotes.

In the morning, oil prices turned on growth: the price of Brent rises by 0.85%, barrel is trading above $ 82, and the price of WTI grows by 0.62%, returning to $ 80 per barrel again. Today we are waiting for the corridor of the price of Brent at $ 81-83 per barrel.


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