ProLevel: effective trading geometry

We invite you to watch a free webinar dedicated to prolevel’s proprietary trading strategy, based on the practices of building support/resistance levels. The strategy was developed by popular financial expert Max Parhomenko, who will hold a webinar on January 28 at 20:00 (GMT) 3.

For all those who trade in the financial markets, the strategy aims to simplify the decision-making and forecasting process as much as possible, making trading purposeful and predictable.

In the webinar you will learn:

Understand the market: identify growth, decline, housing.Identify levels and trade effectively with them.Find out where to open your offer.Assess the potential of the trade and understand what profit and risk can be expected from each position.To make money in the foreign exchange market.

Participation in the online webinar is free of charge.

Our support team will be happy to answer all your questions. Now you can ask them in Telegram, Facebook Messenger, online chat, as well as Skype (call only), email [email protected] or by phone: 8-800-200-01-31, q44 2031 293799. 


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