UK house prices up 0.6% in October – Forex

House prices in the UK in October showed the weakest trend for this period in 10 years. According to data provided on the Rightmove website, the average cost of housing this month was 306.7 thousand pounds, which is 0.6% higher than the September average price. And a comparison with last year's average cost of residential real estate in October showed a decrease in the price by 0.2%. Rightmove experts note that in October, as a rule, house prices in the UK grew by about 1.6% annually. The reason for this unusual situation is Brexit. The number of potential buyers in the residential real estate market in the country has hardly changed. At the same time, the total number of houses that were put up for sale fell by 14%. Sellers are refraining from selling due to uncertainty over Brexit. Homes in London rose 2.4%. The average price of residential property in the capital was 618.4 thousand pounds.