Price per barrel brand Brent has grown to $ 95.2

PRICE FOR OIL (May Futures Brand Brent) on Tuesday February 22 to 15.15 GMT + 3 grew by 2.4% to 95.2 dollars per barrel Brent brand. Oil quotes once again updated the maximum since September, rising the day before, 97.4 dollars. The risks of the imbalance in the supply of hydrocarbons, primarily in Europe, have pressure on oil quotes.

Meanwhile, Chapter Saudi Aramco Amin Ben Hassan An-Nasser stated that the demand for hydrocarbon raw materials in the world is growing. Qatar expands the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to By 2027, producing 126 million tons of LNG per year, but the growth of supplies for Europe in the future depends on the request of the EU countries, the State Minister of the Energy of Qatar Saad Al-Kaabi. At the same time, Qatar does not have such a LNG volume to fill the possible gas deficit in the European market in the conditions of a geopolitical crisis.

Gas (FSEG) State Exporting Country Forum are considered critical investments in the development of gas infrastructure to ensure energy security, the Dohhian Declarations on the results of the sixth FSEG Summit in Qatar. As part of the FSEG – 11 states, the status of observers – in seven countries. These countries control 70% of the proved world gas reserves, provide 44% of its global production, over 51% of the world trade with liquefied gas and 52% of gas supplies through pipelines.

The proportion of wind generation in the production of electricity in Europe was on average 25.2% last week. This is 8 percentage points more than the previous one when the indicator has reached an average of 17.2%, follows from the Wind Europe. On Monday, the indicator was at the level of 29.2%. At the same time, the completion of European gas storages is now at a minimum level. In the morning, on February 20, it was 31.06%, which is 12 percentage points below the average for this date over the past 5 years. Usually, the gas selection from the storages continues until the end of March.

Shell expects the speedy normalization of the situation in the gas market. At the same time, the United States this year can be the largest exporter of LNG in the world, says Shell. Last year, the United States was leading in increasing supply LNG, showing the annual increase in 24 million tons. Analytical company Kpler appreciated that in the last year, Australia became the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, Qatar shifted to second place, and the United States remained third. Kpler appreciated Australian deliveries of 80.23 million tons of LNG in 2021 against 77.63 million in 2020. Qataris exports – 77.83 million tons against 77.88 million. US for the third year in a row ranks third: exports have grown by almost 50% – to 70.43 million tons from 47.35 million in 2020 year.


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