Oil resumed growth in narrow corridors

On Monday, September 6, the light correction of the oil market down continued and even increased a little: the price of Brent decreased by 0.71%, to $ 71.82 per barrel, and the price of WTI is 0.69% to $ 68.57 per barrel . According to American media, after Hurricane “IDA” 84% of oil production and 81% of gas production in the Mexican Bay are still suspended, which is a “bullish” factor for the oil market.

However, the statements of the Main Infectitionist of the United States Anthony Faucci that a new strain of Coronavirus “MJ” is being studied in the USA, against which known in the West Vaccines are still ineffective, slightly reduced the optimism of the oil market.

Today in the morning at the positive news on record growth of imports, including imports of raw materials, in China for August, oil prices began to grow again, without leaving the limits of narrow corridors: Brent, raising 0.57%, returned to $ 72 For barrel, and the price of WTI grows by 0.5% and again exceeded $ 69. Today we expect the price of Brent will be in the corridor of $ 71-73 per barrel.

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