Johnson interrupted a visit to New York and returned to London – Forex

Due to the ruling of the Supreme Court of Great Britain on the recognition of the decision to dissolve the parliament illegal, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced on Wednesday to interrupt his participation in the session of the UN General Assembly in New York and urgently return to the London. Reports about it were published by Reuters and broadcast by Sky News. The work of Parliament by Johnson's efforts was suspended until October 14. This proposal of the prime minister was also supported by the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II. However, before the suspension of the parliament, MPs supporting the idea of Brexit with the conclusion of the deal managed to pass a bill to postpone the exit until January 31. Following a court ruling that MPs should not be banned from carrying out their duties and could meet again as soon as possible, the British Parliament has returned to work. MPs gathered for a meeting of the House of Commons, broadcast by Sky News. The court's decision was followed by calls from representatives of the opposition party for Johnson's resignation.