Investment portfolio for September-November 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions of novice investors – “How not to get lost in various financial instruments and earn?”

To avoid errors and loss of funds, you need to properly create an investment portfolio that will be the optimal set of tools according to your specific goals, interests and capabilities. 

Specialists from Grand Capital have already amassed a portfolio with the most promising tools for September-November 2020. With it, you diversify the risk and distribute attachments between different tools.

Autumn 2020 Portfolio –

Recommended Investments: $500 Portfolio Type: Moderate Commercial Potential Profit: 124% Maximum Loss: 61%

Professional analysts say the highest profits can show Netflix, Facebook, Apple and Tesla. Download the briefcase now.

Main advantages of the investment portfolio:

1 Balance and transparency. You know in advance about risk and profitability;Suitable even for beginners, so your trading experience is not important; The 101,000 wallet can be customized on request. We always listen to the investor, and if you see a perspective in other types of tools, they will definitely be included in your personal portfolio; 101 000 is suitable for any budget. We may choose the appropriate portfolio option based solely on your capabilities. The recommended minimum for an investment portfolio is from $100.

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