Brent will try to go above

barrel of the North Sea raw materials balances about $ 106.51. The daily schedule demonstrates the presence of a strong resistances in $ 107-108. If it is successfully passed, buyers will open the path to $ 114-115. If not, the market will be ready to retest the region $ 100-102. On the one hand, black gold prices were successfully rehabilitated after a failure below $ 100 this month amended by concerns relative to a global recession and a reduction in energy demand. On the other hand, the world is clearly looking for ways to avoid this.

in the near future The focus of the attention of the raw material market will be chained to negotiations between the United States and Saudi Arabia regarding the possibility of sausages of oil production.

this could help Washington solve the problem of sufficient fuel reserves in the country. However, it is not at all a fact that the kingdom wants to participate in this – the States will have to apply all its diplomacy and compromise if you really need to achieve the goal. In fact, Saudi Arabia, the only volume oil producers, has free power for production.

risks of local supplies have decreased slightly. The KTK pipeline, whose work should be suspended for 30 days, is still working. It is important for oil supplies to Europe, and a petition in court is currently expected. Coronavirus continues to remind of himself. In China, the number of new diseases is growing again, which can help preserve a number of social restrictions further. Quarantines in China will significantly reduce the country’s need for oil.

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