AMarkets: new tool group – CFD on ETF

Amarkets is pleased to declare you about adding a new group of trading tools – CFD to ETF. Bidding ETF will be available on all types of accounts. ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund, which translated “Foundation, traded on the stock exchange”) – an investment fund, whose shares are traded on the stock exchange. ETF is a highly liquid trading tool that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Today, the ETF market is actively developing: so, by the beginning of 2021, ETF accounts for more than 20% of the total volume of trading, and this figure continues to grow.

Buying one share ETF, investor acquires shares of all companies that are members of this fund. For example, a stock ETF holds stocks, while a bond ETF holds bonds. Often, funds consist of shares in one industry or one country – for example, ETFs on technology companies or on the Chinese market.

What are the benefits of ETFs?

Reliability. ETF – one of the most secure tools in terms of risk diversification: even if the shares of any one company decline, the fund will not show a noticeable decrease. At any time you can see which securities your money is invested in. Balance. You do not need to choose shares for investments yourself – this has already been done by fund analysts. Access to international markets Buying ETFs, an investor gets access to international markets even from a standard brokerage account. additional income from dividends. You will always be able to count on the payment of dividend income in that case, if the stock is part of the purchased fund.

List of available ETF in AMarkets

№ Title Full name MetaTrader tool 1 EEM_ETF ETF iShares MSCI Emerging Markets CFD 2 Germany_ETF ETF iShares MSCI Germany CFD 3 Japan_ETF ETF iShares MSCI Japan CFD 4 France_ETF ETF iShares MSCI France 5 UK_ETF ETF iShares MSCI United Kingdom 6 S.Korea_ETF ETF iShares MSCI South Korea Cappe CFD 7 Aero_ETF iShares US Aerospace & Defense ETF CFD 8 Russia_ETF ETF Market Vectors Russia CFD 9 SCHD_ETF Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF CFD 10 Turkey_ETF iShares MSCI Turkey ETF CFD 11 World_ETF Vanguard Total World Stock ETF CFD 12 Home_ETF ETF SPDR S & P Homebuilders CFD 13 Energy_etf Etf Energy SELECT SPDR FUND CFD 14 Finance_etf etf Financial SELECT Sector SPDR CFD 15 Tech_ETF ETF Technology Select Sector SPDR CFD 16 Staples_ETF ETF Consumer Staples Select Sector CFD 17 Utility_ETF ETF Utilities Select Sector SPDR CFD 18 Health_ETF ETF Health Care Select Sector SPDR CFD 19 Metals_ETF SPDR S & P Metals & Mining ETF CFD 20 Oil & Gas_ETF ETF SPDR S & P Oil & Gas Exploration CFD

In order for the new tools to be displayed in you in the trading platform, you need to press the right click on the list of tools and select “show all” or click on the “+ Add …” button, start typing the name of the ETF of interest to you, choose it from dropping list and press the ENTER key.

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