Alpari: Constructor PAMM Portfel

PAMM -portfell is a great opportunity to diversify risks. And our designer will help you assemble the optimal portfolio taking into account the ratio of potential risks and profitability of PAMM accounts in its composition, as well as investment conditions.

If you know the account number that you want to add to the portfolio, use the “Add account” form.

You can also add to the PAMM account portfolio from the rating or monitoring. To do this, just press the button with the image of the portfolio in the header of the PAMM account page: in The rating go to the PAMM account page, which you want to add to the portfolio by clicking on the name of the account in the rating table. On the PAMM account page, click on the miniature of the portfolio in the page of the page.

attention! The real profitability of the PAMM portflie depends on the invested amount and may differ from the table given. This is due to the conditions of the Offer of the PAMM accounts that are part of the portfolios. With an increase in the investment amount, the potential profit of the client may be higher. However, it should be remembered that trade In financial markets, it is associated with risks.

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