Lyra continues to rapidly fall

National currency Turkey is again decreasing in its value. After a rapid decline to 18.4 liters per dollar, and then the increase in quotations by 1.5 times, this currency continued to fall. It became known about this, based on the analysis of information from the trades still.

On December 16, the Central Bank of Turkey announced a decision to reduce the interest rate per 1%, to 14%. This news led to a rapid fall of the Turkish national monetary unit. Despite a sharp decline, on Monday The situation stabilized: Lira compensated for all his losses. But already on December 21, the currency continued to fall, overcoming at 11:00 on MSC, a mark of 13.42 liters per unit of American currency. At the last closure, this value was set at a level of 13.21 liters for the US dollar.

If, with the causes of the initial fall, everything is clear, then it is worth affecting the question and Mondayful growth. As it turned out, President Erdogan was influenced by the Leira’s value, which spoke about the approval of new measures to combat volatility Currency rate. He stated that the Turkish authorities will support the deposits in the Natvalyuta to compensate for the population of the loss associated with changes in the course. Even at the beginning of this year, Lira was presented in the market at the rate of 7.4 units per dollar. During his record reduction, it lost 60% of the cost, 40% of which fell on December.

Tayyip Erdogan – an ardent supporter of a reduction in the account. The leader believes that such measures are able to tighten increasing inflation. President prescribed a new chapter of the Central Bank And twice – the Minister of Finance of Turkey.

A few days ago, Turkish oppositionists called Erdogan incompetent in economic issues and declared the need for extraordinary elections. The country’s leader responded to them that the election process will occur according to the deadline and earlier it is not going to leave.

Vladimir Kravchenko, Financial Analyst LBLV

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