USDX holds above support level of 92.50

There are no significant changes in the overall trading dynamics as the USDX is trading above the important technical support level of 92.50. The breakthrough in recorded support will mean sellers are prepared to continue their decline to 91.75. Until then, the risk of resumption of growth remains. The closest resistance is a narrow price range of 93.40-93.50.

Low trading activity indicates market uncertainty. On the one hand, many reputable media outlets in the United States have already declared joe biden’s victory, on the other – Donald Trump has not yet admitted defeat. All this keeps markets in suspense, so there is a fairly high risk of increased trading activity. The longer we see consolidation, the greater the likelihood of a very strong price movement.


We continue to see the consolidation of the pair above the technical support level of 1.1800, which is also psychological. A breakthrough in clear support will open the way to 1.1700 and further to the local target of 1.1615. A downside scenario can only be implemented if the USD strengthens well enough.

At the same time, purchases from support 1.1800 remain in the high commercial risk zone until they return and then consolidate above the resistance level of 1.1840.


pairs close to the upper end of the parent channel and technical resistance level 1.3315. As a result, active purchases on the market are no longer adequate, as the growth potential is almost exhausted. But traders who have already opened long positions, it is advisable to wait for the target levels to reach. The closest resistance is the range 1.3300-1.3315. Scenario

Bullish remains a priority until the pair’s quotations return to support level 1.3250.


Amplitude price movement has fallen significantly, indicating clear market uncertainty. At the same time, this formation is very similar to the pennant – the number of continuations of the trend, which means that the risk of further growth remains increased. The height of the figure or mast is quite large, so the growth potential is also large. Therefore, a bullish scenario remains a priority until the quotation returns to 105.05. The first target for buyers is the 106.05 mark, followed by 106.45.

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