U.S. industrial production decreased by 0.4% in September – Forex

U.S. industrial production has declined for the second time in the past three months amid weak global economic growth and trade problems. Published data show a September decline in the volume of industrial production in the United States by 0.4%. At the same time, the manufacturing industry showed a larger drop – by 0.5%. The figures are calculated in relation to the previous month. Analysts predicted a decline in industrial production of only 0.1%. Year-on-year, U.S. industrial production decreased by 0.1% in September. The drop was the first time in three years that Donald Trump's presidency has fallen. The indicator assessing the degree of capacity utilization also showed negative dynamics in September. It fell to 77.5% from 77.9% a month earlier. Analysts expected the figure to fall to 77.7 percent. Industrial production is an important part of the American economy.