The stock market interrupted a series of seven weeks of falls

American stock indices grew on Friday, interrupting a multidecoming lane of failures after a series of optimistic corporate reports that temporarily compensated for fears about a sharp economic decline. S&P 500 jumped to close, adding 2.5% and closing at the mark of 4158.27 points. The index showed the best week since November 2020, increasing by more than 6.5% in 5 trade days.

Industrial Dow Jones index increased on Friday by 576 points, or 1.8%, to 33,213.55 points, and the NASDAQ Composite added more than 3%. Reitched on Friday The data showed that the inflationary pressure in April weakened only slightly compared to March.

But at the same time, personal expenses with the amendment for inflation in April increased. This time, the growth of growth shares, worse, the paper of protective sectors and financial organizations looked better.

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