The market is drowning non-residents

Domestic securities market on Monday, December 6, slipping into a deep minus, although nothing, in general, did not foretellover. Maybe, geopolitical concerns are creepy again. It is able to provoke non-residents to caring from risks, and the rest behind them. Under the strongest pressure at the beginning of the week turned out to be TCS receipts, and without visible causes. The paper fell by more than 9%, to 6629 rubles than the recovery occurred earlier. Today’s sales are the most powerful in recent weeks. Paper may move to 6500 rubles. Where the market will try to buy again.

under pressure was the shares of “heavyweights” – from Sberbank to Novatec and Gazprom. Again in the noticeable minus of receipts VK – Recently, at the corporate news, previously low-cost paper often appears in the lists of demand leaders or outsiders.

In the “green” zone, Acron’s shares, which passed to 12868 rubles were located. And it can try to storm the previous peak at the level of 13488 rubles, if the conjuncture will allow. With fundamental Point of view The potential for growth is accurate.

In the evening, the ruble began to retreat in pairs with foreign currencies – it seems that the evasion of non-residents from rice is manifested here. The dollar rose to 73.93 rubles. And it can try to storm 74.00. Euro is traded at 83.44 rubles. And reserves the parsor of 83-85 rubles behind him.

US stock market started in Monday multidirectional, but investors are quite energetic. Today, important statistics are not planned, members of the auction will focus on the news of the economy and politicians.

Anna Bodrov, Senior Analyst IAC “Alpari”

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