Surfer\’s Profit Strategy: Market Analysis in 10 Seconds

October 7 at 19:00 (GMT) weiner invite you to the free webinar “Strategy Surfer Profit: Market Analysis in 10 Seconds”. The speaker of the event is Alexander Losev, a lecturer at the Academy of Commerce.

In the webinar you will get acquainted with the elements of an effective trading system, which is based on many years of experience of professional traders, the principle of rapid analysis of trading instruments and the selection of the safest trading markets.

Webinar Content:

Search for safest markets for trading and potentially profitable entry points:

1 to determine the area of interest of a large buyer and seller;how to find the most likely areas of market reversal and the emergence of a new trend, which is to be at the beginning of the trend before all;how to identify entry points in the market structure by understanding reversal models.

Trading Psychology:

how to control your emotions in trading: the psychology of the trader and the reasons for making bad decisions;how not to make mistakes that lead to market losses;how trade weaknesses are turning into a stable advantage;risk management and trade psychology.

Review of the practical application of knowledge and trade agreements on concrete examples.

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