Return on investments in TeleTrade portfolios exceeded 30%

International broker TeleTrade presented the results of investment portfolio management in the last 12 months. Low- and medium-risk portfolios showed returns above 30% in currency, exceeding initially projected targets.

So, the yield of the conservative investment portfolio “TeleTrade Safety” amounted to 38.5% at the end of the year (from June 2020 to May 2021) with the planned 14.1%. The Promising investment portfolio (from December 2020 to May 2021) provided a return of 34.93% with the planned 33%.

In the case of the conservative investment portfolio “TeleTrade Safety,” the high discrepancy between the planned and achieved returns is explained by the rather gloomy prospects for the recovery of the global economy, which were visible in May 2020 during global lockdowns. Most of the portfolio instruments were acquired at the corrective bottom and the barely anticipated growth of stock and commodity markets. Correct tactical decisions made it possible to exceed the declared indicators by more than 2 times.


At the same time, the High-Yield investment portfolio from March to May 2021 showed a loss of 19.97% due to the expected but not implemented correction in the US stock market. The main bet was made on the fall of the S index passive earnings.

From June 2020, analysts and portfolio managers TeleTrade form a line of investment portfolios for three, six and twelve months, which provide a balanced approach for investors taking into account investment strategies and accepted risk. Each of the portfolios is balanced taking into account the duration of the investment, risk and estimated income.

At the beginning of each month, managers review the structure of portfolios, realize the best opportunities for investment, based on the assessment of the situation as a whole during the month, as well as the prospects of a specific instrument included in the portfolio.

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