Nickel: dizzy take off

Bidding Nickel on the London LME Stock Exchange Stopped at least until March 11. This decision is made in response to a phenomenal takeoff price of metal – on the eve of it rose to $ 101365. The technical schedule is shipped here, because the world has never seen such prices on nickel. The cause of what is happening is to sharply exhaust stock stocks and complete uncertainty in the fact that they will be replenished at all.

Basic Scope of Nickel – Industrial Release of various kinds of chemical and electronic equipment, sphere Applications – shipbuilding, electrical engineering. Based on nickel, alloys are produced that are widely used in production due to their properties. First of all, we are talking about heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high characteristics of electrical conductivity.

What will happen when LME will open a bid nickel? Probably the price stabilizes within $ 45000-80000. Cheaper nickel is now unlikely to, but wait for the facts.


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