New investment portfolio from Grand Capital

What do I invest in to multiply my deposit? How not to get confused in the variety of trading instruments? What to buy, how and how much? No panic! These and other questions plaguing each aspiring investor have already been answered by Grand Capital analysts.

Trust the selection of a trading tool to professionals with a new investment portfolio for June-August 2021.

With the help of a well-formed investment portfolio, you diversify risks by distributing investments among various instruments, which helps avoid mistakes that the market is not known to forgive.

The most promising tools of this summer are already waiting for you in the new portfolio. Portfolio for summer 2021 – this:

Recommended investments: 4500 USD Portfolio type: moderate trading Potential profit: 107.78% (4850 USD) Potential risk: 38%

Professional analysts say Johnson may show the highest return this summer earnings from portfolio investments you will need a Standard account.

Main advantages of the investment portfolio:

Balance and transparency. You know in advance about risks and returns; Suitable even for beginners, so your experience in trading is not important; Portfolio can be individualized at your request. We always listen to the investor, and if you see perspective in other types of tools, they will definitely be included in your personal portfolio; Suitable for any budget. We can find the relevant a portfolio option based solely on your capabilities. The recommended minimum for an investment portfolio is from $100.

Do you want to make an individual investment portfolio? Leave an application on the website or contact the customer support department via online chat.

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