Make transactions on ETF Foundations with Xtrade

Discover a new type of trade, taking advantage of the large selection of our stock exchange investment funds. Stock investment funds (ETF) are market demand for securities and consisting of an assortment or basket of interconnected tools. They are intended to track the indicators of the sectors of the economy, goods, debt obligations, currencies, indices and volatility measures.

Stock investment funds open access to the portfolio Financial tools and additionally protruding the object of trade on the stock exchange, just like shares.

Without a fee – Fixed spreads

Fixed spreads between price purchase and sale. Take advantage of trade without commission! See information about our commissions on click here.

Real-time market data, as well as a large selection of graphic, analytical and automated tools will allow you to stay up to date. events and maintain the necessary level of knowledge. All this is offered on each of our platforms – web platform, mobile phones and tablets.

Large selection of tools

Increase the results of your trading, using more than 1,000 financial instruments and more than 25 stock investment funds (ETF). You will take less than two minutes to open an account in the XTRADE trading system. To replenish your account, use a credit card, the funds stored on the SKRILL account or banking translation.

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