Libertex bonus account: work rules

Bonus account is a single cumulative account that, along with trading accounts, is displayed in the Libertex client’s personal account. The bonuses received by the client are automatically credited to the bonus account. (Bonus funds received in the compensation of the Commission can be credited immediately to the trading account.) A bonus account is not trade, and therefore cannot be used for trading or investment activities in financial markets.

Bonus account consists of several subaccounts:

Available Funds – real money that can be obtained as a result of the use of services or participation in Libertex promotions. The funds obtained may be translated into a trading account or are in general; Interest on the deposit – funds accrued when using the “interest on the deposit” service client. Payment of accrued funds is made on the subaccount “available funds” according to the rules of service; Prize for replenishment is a premium received by the Client as a result of participation in various Libertex shares. The premium can be converted into real money through trading or investment activities. The payment of converted means is made on the subaccount “available funds”; Bonus tools are money nominated in USD (account currency) that can be used for trading and profit, but cannot be directly derived from the account.

How can Libertex customers get bonuses?

Bonuses are charged as a prize for victory in promotions and competitions held by the Company; Bonuses are accrued customers based on their participation in various bonus programs;

Other options for obtaining bonuses on the results of programs or events are also possible, the information about which the company provides its customers on a website or in other way.

Benefits of the bonus account:

The client can centrally keep all the bonuses received and conveniently operated by them; The client owns information about the total number of bonuses, which are obtained by various shares and programs;

Customer can Translate bonus funds to different trading accounts or back to the bonus account instantly and without commissions. This allows you to effectively manage bonus tools.

What are bonus tools?

Bonus funds are money that is accrued in US dollars (trading account currency) Libertex customers. Customers can use bonus tools for trading, making transactions and obtain real income in financial markets, but cannot remove bonus funds from the account directly.

. Libertex Rules for the accounting of bonus funds on a trading account

The amount of bonus non-responsible funds on a trading account cannot be larger:

for the Libertex account: 20% of the total account balance; For other types of accounts: 30% of the total account balance.

Transaction is provided first with real means, then – bonus. During the trading day, any balance of bonus and real funds is allowed. At the end of the day, the excess of bonus means will automatically translate to the bonus account. Open positions of the trader when calculating The ratios of bonus and real funds are not taken into account. When removing funds, the bonus is accrued earlier than 90 days, the bonus will be canceled.

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