LexaTrade Forex Broker

LexaTrade is a forex broker that offers services in stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies trading. One of the main features of this broker is its great implementation of technical analysis, which is among the most favored qualities by traders, according to LexaTrade reviews.


In this LexaTrade review, the main features and characteristics of this broker will be discussed. Both advantages and disadvantages of trading with this broker will be weighed so readers and potential investors will be able to make informed decisions about signing up with it.


LexaTrade forex broker offers huge promotions, incentives, and bonuses to their clients. This is one of the main reasons why so many traders are attracted to LexaTrade. This broker offers Refer a Friend program, which compensates traders for each friend they referred that successfully signed up to LexaTrade.com. This program offers amazing benefits for the existing client, since it gives them up to 50% of the deposit bonus of their referral. 


Another promotional program offered by LexaTrade is the Reporting Season. This is known to be the most profitable period for trading. During this period, traders all around the world focus on financial news that may give them hints about profitable stock indexes to invest in. Lastly, LexaTrade offers market devaluation of Bitcoin, where 1 BTC can be bought for $5,500. 0.5 Bitcoin can be bought for $2750 and 0.25 BTC for $1375. 


LexaTrade Review of Features and Services


LexaTrade forex broker has a number of quality features and services, but this LexaTrade review will highlight the best ones. Below are some of the features and conditions provided by LexaTrade to all their clients. 


Trading Platforms

LexaTrade offers an MT4 web terminal that provides safe trading using secure and advanced technology. Clients can expect high quality terminal work which is compatible with any computer’s operating system. It’s hassle free since clients will no longer have to download and install the terminal on their computers. It contains numerous listing charts that permit changing time ranges. It also has the ability to mix commercial operations. 


The second platform provided by LexaTrade is the XCritical mobile app, which is the broker’s offered alternative to desktop and web trading platforms. This mobile application eliminates the trouble of not being able to trade anytime and anywhere. The added benefit of using a mobile platform, aside from its portability, is the opportunity to open and close positions anytime without delay. It also features the same level of professional tools and services. Clients can set stop loss and take profit levels for all their positions, keep track of the movement of the quotes of different financial instruments, and keep up with foreign exchange forecasts.


Aside from the two mentioned above, LexaTrade also has its own trading platform. The LexaTrade online platform offers high-tech functionality and speed. Clients can expect great terminals that optimize their trading experience. This platform has a wide set of tools and over 170 trading instruments. It also promotes timely risk management and offers the best trading solutions. 


Account Types

LexaTrade offers five account types, namely: Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. The wide variety of account types allows investors to properly assess which one is best suited for them. The Start Account requires a minimum deposit of $250 with a bonus of up to 30% and standard spreads. The Silver Account also uses standard spreads, but requires a minimum deposit of $3000 and gives a 50% welcome bonus. This account provides 1 trading technique and a 30-minute session with a financial analyst every week.


The Gold Account, which is the most recommended account by LexaTrade, requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. It gives a welcome bonus of 70%, 2 trading techniques, and an introductory lecture to forex trading. It also offers standard yield for investment portfolios and reduced spreads. The fourth account, Platinum, offers up to 90% welcome bonus, but requires a minimum deposit of $50,000. It provides a 2-hour session with a financial analyst every week, advanced techniques, and average yields on investment portfolios. Clients have free access to webinars and use low spreads. 


The last account, VIP, offers the best trading conditions among all five. It uses minimum spreads, has a personal VIP analyst, private webinars, VIP techniques, and up to 120% welcome bonus. However, all these come with a price, which is valued at $100,000 minimum deposit. This account is recommendable for wealthier investors who are also very experienced in trading. 


Research and Educational Tools

LexaTrade provides the necessary research and educational tools for the trader to stay updated with the latest market news and trends. With an Economic Calendar, clients can see the micro- and macroeconomic market events that may have a direct effect to their current positions. Using this tool allows traders to see multiple factors that must be considered before they open a position on a particular asset or even execute an existing position. Events listed on the Economic Calendar include U.S. Fed rates, movements in the forex market, and political and economic events. 


Another research tool that traders can freely utilize is the Economic News. This tool varies from the Economic Calendar in a way that it reports the most important global events that have direct effect on all the financial markets. News about commodities markets, including oil and gas prices are reported. The daily trading of the U.S. dollar is also a regular topic, as well as the global stock market. Under this tool, traders can also find news on IPOs, indices trading, global central banks, commercial banks, corporations, and politics. 


LexaTrade Scam Allegations


LexaTrade has a clean reputation among its clients. It has also been at the receiving end of multiple praises, both from LexaTrade customer reviews and feedback from professional traders. There are always negative reviews about brokers, even the most reputable ones. This is a simple fact in the trading industry. But so far, in analyzing the few bad reviews about LexaTrade, it can be concluded that this broker is safe to trade with. Most of the negative reviews about it dwelled on market risks that are not under the control of this broker, or any broker at all. LexaTrade scam may just be a ploy created by rivals to smear the reputation of this esteemed broker.


LexaTrade Fraud: Is it Real?


So are allegations about LexaTrade fraudulent services real? According to the customer reviews, they are not. All traders invest a great deal of money and time in choosing which broker to trade with, which means that their choices are carefully thought of. LexaTrade clients have also researched well about this broker before they registered, and they found their choice to be right. So far, clients are satisfied with LexaTrade’s services, which shows that it is safe and secure to trade with.