Investing in RAMM strategies

you can invest in the top 5 of the most profitable strategies or choose any of the strategies available on the platform. To invest, you need to determine the amount of your investment and other parameters specified in the investment profile. Then the desired amount is transferred from your investment account. No one but you has access to investment. You can invest in different strategies, you will have separate investments that do not affect each other.

Copy will begin immediately after investing. Positions opened in the RAMM strategy at the moment will be copied in your investment at the current market price. Therefore, you can choose the optimal moment to start investing.

RAMM copy-trading platform will automatically select the volume of copied positions in proportion to the size of your investment. The more your investments, the higher the accuracy. Nevertheless, even small investments are guaranteed to receive at least the minimum volume allowed by the broker. The minimum volume of copied positions for Investors are 0.0001 lots.

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