Global Alliance: digital \’gold\’ promises big profits

Cryptocurrency markets are now an attractive investment opportunity to make money for many traders. In anticipation of the results of the election of the President of the United States, the market capitalization of digital currencies jumped by 50 billion dollars.

With the capitalization, the value of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin – has increased significantly. Now bitcoin is traded at $15,500 (average daily increase of 8-10%). The $20,000 level can be overcome by the end of 2021. since the beginning of August this year, there has been no overnight increase. The same situation with lightcoin – during the day an increase of 10.25% and a new intraday record from October 21, 2020. Lightcoin has now set the value at $62.23.

A well-known Global Alliance broker recommends incorporating digital assets into your trading book. The company can trade the most popular digital currencies (bitcoin, dashkin, rip, lightcoin, ethereum, etc.) on favorable terms. At the Global Alliance you can set up a personal crypto wallet serviced with the ability to pay any commissions on cryptotransactions. For details and registration on the broker’s website click here.

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