Forex refused to participate in the Libra cryptocurrency project

Visa, MasterCard, eBay and Stripe said they had decided to leave Facebook, which was created to release the digital currency Libra. A few days ago, a similar decision was made by PayPal. Visa said the company intends to monitor the Libra Association's activities and its commitment to comply with the requirements put forward by regulators. Stripe also said that it does not refuse to cooperate with the Association, but will do so later. The launch of this project was initiated by Facebook. She assesses her participation in the Association as equal to that of other participants. However, experts note that Facebook actually holds a key position in the project, as the company has access to data of more than 2.4 billion users. Despite the withdrawal of major participants from the project, about 30 companies from around the world remain in the Association. The project's creators hope that in 2020 the number of Libra Association members will approach 100.