CFD contract trade on Shares with Xtrade

Trade in shares of various companies is a rapidly growing segment of the global stock market. The main engine of this sector is retail trade in securities. Numerous brokerage companies contribute to the rapid growth of transactions, including the Xtrade trust broker. We invite you to buy and sell securities of listing companies on the largest stock markets of the planet.

It is stocks that are considered the most popular and promising exchange asset. According to Statista, The total cost of world trading in securities in the fourth quarter of 2020 was $ 34.8 trillion. at an annual cost of $ 137.64 trillion. And such impressive indicators were recorded at the height of the pandemic and coronavirus.

Reasons for the popularity of transactions with shares

Consider the annual profitability of shares in the United States from 2000 to 2019 at the level of 4%. Trading with shares gives shareholders with certain rights, such as property rights, the right to vote and resolve issues related to the payment of dividends. Trade Shares occurs on centralized stock exchanges, such as NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Traders and investors Trading with shares attracts for various reasons, primarily due to potential profits *. To reduce the likelihood of unprofitable transactions, it is necessary to constantly carry out an in-depth market analysis of technical and fundamental factors. Xtrade provides all bidders to the wide range of tools and resources contributing to successful securities transactions. It is worth noting that the authoritative brokerage platform in this case is an effective assistant in the work of the trader. The main condition for achieving the goals set is a good theoretical training with practical skills on our free demo account.

passed those times when traders bought and sold shares to practically rapidly through institutional brokers seen in their expensive “ivory towers Bones “on Wall Street. Today, trade in securities occurs online, so you can perform all operations anywhere in the world where there is Internet. Remote trading includes access to all exchange platforms and assets presented in electronic digital format . With the help of contracts for the difference in CFD prices, it is possible to make a profit as during the fall and during the market growth.

Our trading platforms guarantee the rapid execution of transactions by providing reliable information about Actual prices. It is on the basis of XTRADE programs that have powerful trading tools with access to all meaningful resources in the market. After reading and realizing the all the above information, you made your first step to financial freedom.

It is worth understanding that trade in shares through CFD contracts is very risky and can lead to losses. So we strongly recommend to act extremely cauting when implementing any trading strategies.

Recommendations for Trade Shares on the XTRADE

Let’s consider an example of the traditional purchase of Apple Inc shares (NASDAQ: AAPL) at a price of $ 130 per share. As a trader or an investor you are inevitably limited to your deposit (investment capital). Suppose you bought 10 shares aapl for 1,300 dollars, and soon after that, the assets of large technological companies began to fall in price. Perhaps AAPL will fall to $ 110 per share. The market value of your 10 shares is now 1100 dollars. If you sell assets for such a price, you get a loss of 200 dollars. If the price of AAPL will grow by $ 10 per share, the total profit on sale will be 100 dollars. The problem is that you spend on the operation the full cost of the transaction, acquiring shares in the property. But at the same time, the profit can only be obtained in one direction, namely, with the increase in the cost of acquired securities. Analysts of Xtrade believe that trade in shares should be less expensive and more flexible. We offer credit shoulder 20: 1, which means that for every dollar of your capital you You can trade shares worth $ 20. Credit shoulder is an effective financial resource available to retail traders. However, you need to use this tool with great care. Here it is appropriate to bring a well-known expression: “With great power comes great responsibility.” With the right use of such a financial lever, your profits may noticeably increase. In particular, in our case, the credit shoulder can increase your income from a successful transaction 20 times. But always remember – losses In case of failure, they can lead to fatal consequences for your deposit.

Credit Shoulder 20: 1 Forms a requirement for an initial margin of 5%. This percentage refers to the sum of your own capital, which must be made to open a deal. In the usual investment portfolio it is difficult to prevent the concentration of assets due to a limited budget. The presence of a loan lever allows you to distribute finances for several promising positions, which significantly reduces the risks of financial Fors major. Such an opportunity unequivocally increases the chances of staying afloat even with unwanted price fluctuations.

When using a credit shoulder, your advance responsibility is limited to 5% of the transaction amount. But here it is necessary to consider another important point. If the market goes against your forecasts with open orders, the margin requirements are entering the game. Namely – you will need to make more money so that a promising deal remains open. Otherwise, the broker will be forced to close the position. So before buying a contract, it is necessary to carefully weigh all the “for” and “against”.

Features Trade CFD Contracts for Shares on Xtrade

All XTRADE client platforms meet a simple concept: Trading operations must be comfortable, simple and financially safe. That is why we offer a wide leverage that allows you to maximize the strategic shopping potential when buying and selling various assets.

Xtrade – authoritative international broker with perennial Experience in successful work on the largest exchange platforms of world importance. CFD shares covers the following categories of securities:

US shares shares of Great Britain of Italy. Japan shares of Spain. Russia shares of Germany Australia shares South Africa

separately should be indicated by the shares of companies engaged in the production and supply of medical cannabis, which are in high demand today. Each of the listed territorial categories represents Nimble basket from an impressive stake in various companies. As a result, you can effectively diversify your investment portfolio.

Sampling of Popular Shares available on Xtrade

US stocks include all major players such as Ebay, Johnson & Johnson, Walt Disney, Bank of America Corporation, Coca-Cola, Amex, Mastercard, Nike, Boeing, Apple, Paypal, Tesla , FedEx, Moderna, Costco Wholesale, Medtronic. , Goldman Sachs, McDonald’s, 3m Company, CVS Health, Coinbase and Zoom. British shares include popular options such as BP, British American Tobacco, EasyJet, GlaxosmithKline, ITV, Kingfisher, London Stock Exchange, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Standard Charters, Anglo American, Hsbc Holdings, Rio Tinto, Tesco and Lloyds Banking. In Germany, Germany includes companies such as Adidas Ag, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Lufthansa Ag, Merck Kgaa, Siemens, Volkswagen, Heidelberg Cement and Henkel Ag & Company KGAA. Japanese promotions cover such famous brands like Toshiba, Nissan Motor, Toyota Motor, Sony, Nec, Mazda Motor, Shinsei Bank, Bridgestone and Kawasaki. The Russian sector includes stocks of Sberbank of Russia, PJSC Tatneft, Rosneft and Gazprom NC.

Mobile trade in shares on Xtrade

XTRADE specialists understand that traders constantly being in motion, Must have complete control over the current transactions and on the market situation as a whole. That is why our programmers have developed a line of convenient mobile applications operating on the basis of various software shells. Such multifunctional platforms provide fast execution of orders, opening access to topical quotes and global stock market.

You can easily download and install a free application for smartphones and Android or iOS tablets. Such unique programs are equipped with wide A set of features for operational trading with shares using CFD contracts. In mobile applications, graphics, charts, signals, purchase options and sales CFD are available. You will receive accurate real-time information with operational access to the leading stock exchanges.

We are constantly improving client trading terminals. Innovative technologies allow you to occupy leading positions in ensuring optimal conditions for remote trade in stock assets. Xtrade offers You have a wide range of free learning programs, useful information articles, topical news and forecasts, as well as access to the training demo account. Use the impressive XTRADE features for successful work as a professional trader!

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