British PM has not given up on the idea of withdrawing the UK from the EU

Despite a law passed by the British Parliament obliging the Prime Minister to ask Brussels to postpone Brexit for a new term, the head of the British Cabinet Boris Johnson has not abandoned the idea of withdrawing the country from the European Union by 31 October. This is despite the pledges made in the Scottish Court to obey the act. According to The Sunday Times, Johnson said the government was preparing for Brexit by October 31, even if the EU refused to back new proposals for a deal that would not be concluded. A law passed by Parliament provides for a mandatory request to Brussels to postpone the final date of Brexit if the agreement is not accepted by British parliamentarians before October 19. French President Emmanuel Macron, to whom Johnson presented proposals on Sunday to change the text of the agreement, said that negotiations on the deal should be intensified and a decision on it should be taken by the end of the week.