Brent oil is moderately reduced and traded at $ 85.85

technical range of oscillations is still imprisoned in the framework of $ 83 – 87 per barrel Brent. The first session of this year for oil takes place in mixed fluctuations. The market monitors global: how the slowdown in the main world economies is approaching. It threatens to reduce the short -term demand for energy carriers, while traders continue to take into account the possibility of failures in deliveries.

in the focus of attention remains China. There are still big problems with controlling the incidence of coronavirus. In addition, fresh statistics showed that the Celestial Economy completed 2022 a serious decline.

according to the expectations of the IMF, three large economies: the USA, China and the European Union in 2023 will slow down at the same time. In the complex, all this is not too positive for raw materials. In contrast, the factor of a weak dollar works. He makes raw materials more accessible to buyers.

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