Author\’s Marathon \”Dive in Forex\”

101,000 During the pandemic, the ability to make money in financial markets became particularly important. That’s why leading financial expert Max Parhomenko has prepared a five-day online marathon for you, where you will be able to understand the basic principles of profitable trading, study effective strategies and get answers to all your questions. As a result, you will receive a huge case of knowledge and you will be able to start your own career as an entrepreneur.

What will happen at the marathon?

1 day. Introduction to the world of trade. We are taking the first step.Two days. Analyzing the platform. We connect to the market.Day 3 Technical analysis. We learn to analyze the market and anticipate movements in it.Four days. Indicators and their strength.It’s five days. Fundamental analysis and market psychology. The 101,000 Marathon starts at 15:00 P.M. on September 28.m. You can apply for a marathon here.

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